Monday, 25 August 2014

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Would love, love, love to have this book with me. Here's a review ( not mine- since I haven't checked it out myself) that is getting me all excited about owning this:
I bought The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds recently and thought it was wonderful.It’s about a young girl who doesn’t think she can draw, but who has an amazing art teacher who encourages her creativity and artistic self-confidence. Maia enjoys The Dot and wants to read it several times in a sitting, but the book is really aimed at older kids and even adults. Maia, of course, hasn’t gotten to the stage where she might question her drawing ability and I hope that she never does.I worried a little (as I worry about everything!) that by reading her a book about a child who doesn’t think she can draw that I might be introducing the concept to her. But in the end I decided that the book is really about a girl who grows tremendously in creativity and confidence and who goes on to draw and paint enough for a whole art show. And really, I shouldn’t worry so much!THE DOT IS A BOOK ABOUT CREATIVITY And is written to encourage artistic self confidence.


Rimjhim - Hindi Textbook

Young Hindi language learners!!!
The NCERT Hindi textbook may just be the right resource for you if you are interested to learn a language in the most interesting of ways: art, activities, stories,culture, folklore and more!

Very impressed with this Class 1 CBSE textbook that I picked up called 'Rimjhim' .It is simple, fun, and attractive book ---gently encourages your child towards learning Hindi  pick the RimJhim series published by NCERT.
The class 1 book meant for a 6 year old has no " k, kha , gaa"  to memorise before anything else. It dives straight into a world of stories and imagination with words that kids relate to in their school life. Wonderful illustrations, Hindi ditties, folk art (Madhubani or Warli anyone?) , riddles, picture stories- what else can you ask for while teaching a language! I just wish they had improved on the paper quality but maybe it is a trade off for keeping the prices low. (Rs 50/-)

If you are a looking to pick up a Hindi book to teach your kid the language, do seriously think of this. If you are looking to supplement the existing Hindi textbooks prescribed in the school , even then think of this.
Here is a link where you can download them online for free: